Exploits the ability of the body to absorb therapeutic natural oil extracted from plants. Using a combination of strokes and are applied to assist absorbsion by the skin, and helps you body and mind feeling completely relaxed.


An Aromatherapy oil massage is a full body massage using aromatherapy oil blends that are applied to the body, relieving stressed muscles, increasing circulation and soothing the body, mind and spirit. The treatment combines massage with the healing influence of pure Etheric oils derived from plants and flowers. The massage is carried out by individual correlation of the essences to stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles and release poisons from the lymph system for relaxation and purification.




Benefits of Aroma Therapy Oil Massage


  • Reduce stress
  • Fight depression
  • Manage pain
  • Improve blood pressure
Session Time
60 Minutes
90 Minutes
120 Minutes


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